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2019 AALAS Presentation Preview: Improving Pain Management and Medication Delivery Techniques

In response to the ethical obligation of animal care professionals to reduce or eliminate pain in research animals, efforts to improve pain management and medication delivery techniques are continuous. 

At the 2019 AALAS National Meeting in Denver, Colorado, ClearH2O will be giving a Technical Trade Presentation, “Improving Pain Management and Medication Delivery Techniques for Better Laboratory Animal Welfare and Research Outcomes”. Moderated by William Thomas, VP Sales & Marketing, and presented by Dr. Morgane Stum, Inside Sales, the talk will be held Sunday, October 13 from 1:40 pm – 2:00 pm in Room 203. 

Who Should Attend?

Laboratory animal veterinarians, lab technicians, and principal investigators are encouraged to attend the presentation, as we discuss medication delivery techniques to improve the health and welfare of research animals. 

Topics of discussion will include:

  • Medication delivery survey results from AALAS members 
  • Common challenges for medication delivery
  • Techniques for managing pain through the application of analgesics
  • Methods for delivery of therapeutics and other compounds

Learn about the benefits of using nutritionally fortified gel supplements compared to traditional methods of medication delivery such as injections, medicated feed, and oral suspensions. 

Gel Supplements as a Vehicle for Medication Delivery 

Gel technology allows research professionals to add appropriate medication to nutritionally fortified dietary supplements containing water, nutrients, minerals, and electrolytes to aid in the consumption and recovery of animals in their care. 

ClearH2O’s fortified gel supplements enable medication to be administered in a labor-efficient way without animal handling, reducing animal stress and improving IACUC compliance. MediGel®, LabGel®, and MediDrop® medication delivery products are purified and ready for mixing target medication before simply placing in the animal’s cage. 

The newest product from ClearH2O to facilitate medication delivery is MediGel® Hazelnut. The hazelnut flavor makes the medicated gel palatable to even the pickiest of research animals. Attendees of the 2019 AALAS National Meeting will be among the first to be able to request a sample of this new product. 

Try the Medication Delivery Products First Hand

Unable to attend the AALAS National Meeting this year? Try our medication delivery products first hand by requesting a sample directly online! To request the new MediGel® Hazelnut, contact us at 888-493-7645. 


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