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Use the Best Gel Delivery Tools to Hydrate, Medicate, and Nourish Poultry

Whether it’s hydrating, nourishing, or medicating chicks and poults, the benefits of administering any supplements or medication must outweigh any negative effects that cause the animals to become stressed or overstimulated.

Not only do traditional mass vaccination methods—such as spray mists—result in inoculation rates as low as 10%, they also leave the chicks wet, causing thermal sensitivity. ClearH2O’s GelDrop® technology is a non-wetting method of topically delivering vaccines, probiotics, nutrients, therapeutics, and other dietary ingredients to chicks and poults. HydroDrop® and DietDrop® are ready-to-use hydration and nutrition supplement gels, eliminating any variables in quality and consistency. The convenience of these supplement gels prevents any extended workflow interruptions needed to measure, mix, and strain solutions before your target ingredients are added.

Effectively Apply Gel Technology Products with the GelDrop® Applicator

The GelDrop® Applicator is the leading gel delivery system, designed to optimize consumption of HydroDrop® and DietDrop® gel products by day old chicks and poults—in turn, increasing products’ effectiveness. With proven inoculation rates of 80-90%, breeders can look forward to increased chick performance, and ultimately, healthier poultry.

With dual, independent manifold heads and adjustable air pressure, the GelDrop® Applicator delivers non-uniform, viscous gel droplets to replicate natural feed granules and promote preening among chicks and poults. Unlike other gel delivery systems, the volume is programmable, allowing you to apply as much gel as your treatment requires. To ensure optimum use and ease of integration in your workflow, ClearH2O provides the Applicator—as well as training on its use—with the purchase of HydroDrop® and DietDrop® products.

Appropriately Portion Hydration and Nutrition Products with the Gel Cutting Device

ClearH2O’s Gel Cutting Device is designed to efficiently portion the hydration supplement gel, HydroGel®, and the nutritionally fortified supplement gel, DietGel®, to deliver uniformly portioned cubes from the ready-to-use gel products. Made of cast aluminum and stainless steel construction, the Gel Cutting Device & Cutting Board can be easily cleaned and sterilized.

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