Gel Cutting Device & Board

Product Code:
  • 90-04


Made of stainless steel and food grade polymer components the cutting device can be cleaned and sterilized easily. Designed specifically for portioning HydroGel™ 95 & DietGel® for hydration supplementation, the Gel Cutting Device & Cutting Board is made of stainless steel and food grade polymer components for easy cleaning or sterilization. 

With interchangeable blades, the Gel Cutting Device produces  49 – 1″Gel Cubes (approx. 20.8g each) or 196 – ½”Gel Cubes (approx. 5.2g each) per 1020 gram gel square and has the capacity to process up to four gel squares in one step.


  • What is the cutting device made of?

    The cutting device is made of stainless steel.

  • How may the cutting device be cleaned?

    The cutting device is dishwasher safe, it may be cleaned and sterilized.

  • How does the cutting device work?

    The cutting device has a plunger that allows the user to push up to 5 pouches at a time through the cutter, into a storage container. The cubes retain their shape, composition and moisture content, once cut.

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