LabGel® FAQ

How to use LabGels? 
LabGel is hydration source that can be used for Non Human Primates. It is 90% water, and can be used as emergency water source, during transportation or as supplemental hydration.

 Thermo-Reversibility is a unique attribute of ClearH2O gel products. When heated to its fluid form, it can easily be poured into an enrichment device. Oral medications may also be administered by adding them to the gel in its liquid form. When heated, the gel transforms into a semi-liquid, and when cooled to room temperature, it reverts back to its original states.

We recommend heating unopened pouches in hot water until the gel reaches melting temperature and becomes fluid. Melting temperatures will vary from 130 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Caution should be used in handling gels after heating to prevent burns. Once the medication is added to the liquefied gel, we recommend transferring to a container with a large surface base to facilitate heat transfer and to minimize the amount of time that the drug may be exposed to elevated temperatures. Refrigeration may be used to shorten the time it takes for the gel to return to its semi-solid state.

What is the best way to store LabGel products?
Unopened LabGel products are designed to be stored at room temperature and do not require special handling. Typical shelf life for unopened LabGel products is 18 months.


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