DietGel® Criticare

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Product Code:
  • 72-05-5042 4 oz (112 g) cups
Suitable for:
  • Rabbits
  • Guinea Pigs


DietGel® Criticare, formulated with Timothy Hay, is a nutritionally fortified supplement for herbivores that are unwilling to eat their normal diet, due to illness, surgery or malnutrition.

Rabbits and guinea pigs can be picky eaters. Our DietGel® Criticare is formulated with all the ingredients they love: timothy hay, pineapple and pumpkin! Remove the gel from the cup and offer to the animals in their regular feeding bowl, as is, mashed or cubed. Some animals also prefer the gel cold! Place in the fridge a few hours before serving.

See Charles River Laboratories study!

Delivering Solutions

  • Suited for rabbits and guinea pigs
  • Flavorful soft gel formulation promotes consumption
  • Improves proper gut health and digestion, and aides recovery
  • Ready to use – no mixing required

Delivering Quality

  • Sterile inside and out
  • Tyvek® medical packaging
  • E-Beam irradiation
  • Purified ingredients exclude phytoestrogens and nitrosamines
  • Complies with quality standards as tested by an independent laboratory
  • Certificate of analysis by manufactured lot
  • Individually coded with lot and date of expiration


Purified Water, Fruit Juice Concentrates, Plant Protein (Soybean), Pumpkin, Timothy Hay, Cellulose, Mineral Mix, Hydrocolloids, Vegetable Oil, Food Acids, Electrolyte Blend, Vitamin Mix.

Shelf Life

Shelf life is 24 months, unopened at room temperature storage.

Recommended Dosage

• To be administered under the direction of a veterinarian
• Manufactured for use in research animals
• Dosage: 1 cup per day based on average size and consumption.
Monitor intake.


Supplement for herbivores:

  • Post Surgical
  • Malnourished
  • Not Eating their Regular Diet
  • Inappetence

Research Papers

  1. A pediatric animal model to evaluate the effects of disuse on musculoskeletal growth and development

    View Resource
  2. Evaluation of Pain Assessment Techniques and Analgesia Efficacy in a Female Guinea Pig (Cavia porcellus) Model of Surgical Pain

    View Resource


  • When should I use DietGels®?

    DietGel® products are soft diet formulation with carbohydrate, fat protein, and fortified with a mineral and vitamin mix (with the exception of DietGel Recovery, which only contains mineral mix). They are a superior alternative to mash diets, that can be used as the sole source of nutrition for up to 7 days, reducing time and labor costs.  However, customers have used the product as a sole source of nutrition for up to 3 months with no issues. Please consult with your nutritionist for long term use. DietGel products are designed to provide compromised rodents a palatable source of hydration and energy and are an excellent solution for supplemental hydration for:

    • Breeding and weaning of pups 
    • Post-surgical support 
    • Neurologically compromised rodents 
    • EAE models, Transgenic Mice 
    • Shipping
  • What is the best way to store DietGel products?

    Unopened DietGel can be stored at room temperature and does not require special handling. Shelf life for unopened DietGel is 18 months.

    Once opened (provided the gel has not been contaminated) ClearH2O products can be stored either at room temperature or at 4°C in a sealed bag/container to prevent the product from drying out for approximately 2 weeks

  • Why does DietGel sometimes have white or brown specs?

    Non-soluble ingredients are sometimes visible in DietGel, showing up as white to brown specs or clumps. The non-soluble ingredients do not affect the nutritional integrity of the product, making it 100% safe to use for your research animal.

  • Why does the color of DietGel vary from case to case?

    Color variation occurs during our sterilization process. When DietGel products are produced the color is a milky white. The product is then sterilized. The irradiation process changes the product color from a milky white to a caramel color. Product position within the sterilization chamber results in color variation. All of the product is 100% sterile and safe to use.

  1. Our colony rabbits really enjoy this as an enrichment treat. Most importantly, our new arrivals that experience inappetence from transport stress have begun to thrive again with this supplement. Normally we provide timothy hay and/or fresh fruit to entice their appetite, however we have noticed a preference for the criticare whenever this is placed in the enclosure! We will continue to keep this supplement on hand for our rabbits.

    (verified owner)

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