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Product Code:
  • 69-559-PL 5 gallon pail
Suitable for:
  • Poultry


Proprietary next generation GelDrop® technology for the oral delivery of vaccines, probiotics, nutrients, therapeutics and other dietary ingredients to day old chicks and poults. AquaDrop® is a ready to use, double-phase liquid gel for oral delivery of vaccines, probiotics, medication, nutrients, therapeutic and other dietary ingredients to day old chicks and poults. AquaDrop®’s superior droplet surface tension allows for more sustained droplet availability for preening resulting in increased consumption and higher inoculation.

Droplet Size & Adhesion:

  • Non-uniform droplet size mimics feed granule variability.
  • Color attractant promotes preening and consumption.
  • GelDrop® technology produces droplets that stick on contact, minimizing roll off.

Droplet Distribution:

  • Dual, independent manifold heads provide variable size droplets.
  • HydroDrop® and the GelDrop® Applicator were designed to deliver viscous gel materials.

Homogeneous Ingredient Suspension:

  • Formulated for mixing and distribution of ingredients throughout the gel.
  • Ready-to-use formulation ensures gel consistency and stability.
  • Customizable ingredient formulations available.


  • Proprietary hydrocolloid mix.
  • High droplet surface tension minimizes wicking/wetting
  • Minimizing stress from wetting and thermal sensitivity

Vaccine application technology chart

Surface tension of a water droplet is weak and breaks quickly. Water wicks along downy fibers, reducing vaccine availability and ultimately becomes unavailable for preening.

Single-phase gel technology produces a range of viscous gels with improved beadlet surface tension in comparison to water spray.  Powder based gels are the least viscous and most closely behave like water sprays.  Ready to use single-phase gels are more viscous, have higher adhesion and produce droplets that tend to remain at the end of the downy fibers allowing for preening.  However, the normal physical contact between hatchlings that occurs during processing, can reduce droplet availability.

AquaDrop® represents the next generation in GelDrop® technology utilizing a double-phase gel delivery process that produces droplets with a soft outer surface skin, providing higher surface tension.  The high attractant green droplet is more enduring to the physical contact between hatchlings, making the droplets more available for consumption which results in more uniform and higher inoculation rates.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Food Starch, Hydrocolloids, Electrolyte Blend, Food Acid, Food Color.

Shelf Life: Product is shelf stable. Shelf life is 12 months, unopened at room temperature. Do not freeze.

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