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AquaBeads Pail
Product Code:
  • 69-510-PL-B 34lb pail
Suitable for:
  • Poultry

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AquaBeads® are a ready-to-use, 92% moisture, gel bead designed for application as a top-dressing to starter feed at the time of placement to accelerate early discovery of feed and water for improved health and growth performance. 

Early Discovery of Feed and Water

The sooner hatchlings discover and start consuming feed and water at placement, the quicker their digestive and immune systems will develop and provide a foundation for strong growth.

The key metrics for poultry producers for early performance–7-day mortality, body weight, gut development, disease resistance, overall livability–are positively impacted by proper hydration and nutrition provided by early access to feed and water.

Check out the following video to learn how to drain AquaBeads® in preparation for application:

Clearly Better Quality

• Nutritional Hydration – Water gel bead enhanced with electrolytes and betaine to provide both hydration and nutrition supplementation.
• Highly Attractant – Green color stimulates attraction to hatchlings to accelerate feed discovery.
• Contaminant Free – Commercially sterile and independent laboratory tested.
• Quality Assurance – Produced in an FDA approved facility with Certificates of  Analysis available at

Clearly Better Convenience

• Ready-To-Use – No measuring, mixing, or addition of water needed for easy and clean administration.
• Packaging – 34 lb pail (60 pails/pallet)
• Shelf Life – 12 months at room temperature. No refrigeration required if unopened.


Purified Water, Corn Syrup, Hydrocolloids, Food Acids, Modified Food Starch, Electrolyte Blend, Calcium Acetate, Betaine, Food Colors, EDTA.

Shelf Life

12 months unopened, at room temperature storage. No refrigeration or special handling.

Recommended Dosage

• Apply as a feed top-dressing at a rate of 1-2 grams/hatchling/day at the time of placement.
• Applications may range from 1-3 days depending on hatchling and environmental conditions.

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